Private hire frequently asked questions

Q. Can I bring my own DJ to my private party?

A. Yes, if you have the Bed lounge or you have hired the whole bar you can bring your own DJ. They will need their own equipment but can plug into our in house speaker and amp system. We can arrange equipment if necessary but there will be a hire charge.

Q. What happens if I don't reach the minimum spend required for Bed?

A. If you don't reach the minimum spend required for Bed then we will keep your original deposit as a compensatory room hire charge. If you are very close to the minimum spend required then we will do our best to refund the deposit as we would prefer you be happy and come back to us in the future. Please feel free to ask the manager on the night what your total is in case you need to buy more drinks!

Q. How many people will I need to reach the minimum spend in Bed bar?

A. We recommend at least 80 for a weekend night and 30 during the week. From a survey we did over 12 months, on average, 40% of those people invited didn't turn up so if you want 80 people to come please invite 120.

Q. Can I bring decorations?

A. Yes you are welcome to bring your own decorations but please do not use pins or sellotape as they damage the walls.

Q. What time do you close?

A. We can serve alcohol until 3.30am and the bar has to be closed by 4am.

Q. Do you have drink packages available?

A. Yes we can do discounts for advance orders and bulk orders, please get in touch via email with your requirements at

Bed Bar

Bed Bar is an exclusive private lounge situated in the basement of Tribeca.

With its own private bar and DJ box it is sure to make any party or event one to remember. Bed Bar is free to hire and is suitable for up to 200 guests.

There is a DJ box so that you can bring your own DJ and plenty of space for dancing and entertaining.


Blue Lounge

Blue Lounge is situated at the back of Tribeca and has the benefit of it's own private stretch of bar ensuring you and your guests get super fast service.

This lounge is suitable for parties from 40 guests and can accomodate up to 90 guests.

The lounge directly faces the Tribeca dance floor and has the benefit of being private but part of the main bar allowing you to enjoy our party atmosphere.


Purple Lounge

Purple Lounge is situated on a mezzanine level and overlooks the main bar at Tribeca.

With a VIP feel, it's sure to provide you and your guests with the feel of an exclusive private party, mixed in with the atmosphere, music and unique Tribeca vibe.

Great for people who want to feel a bit special, this lounge is suitable for parties from 30 up to 60 guests.


Party Booths

Our private party booths are ideal for smaller parties of between 5 and 30 guests.

We have 4 party booths to choose from.

Booths 1 and 2 can accommodate up to 10 guests each, booth 3 holds up to 30 guests and booth 4 up to 15 guests.

All our party booths have the benefit of being situated in the main bar.


The Whole Bar

If you're hosting a large party of event then you can hire the whole bar any day or night of the week.

The whole bar can accommodate up to 550 guests.

We have drinks packages and buffets available, with a dedicated event manager to help you plan your event from start to finish.

We've hosted many large parties, events, product launches and more.